After-sales Service

After-sales Policy(Europe)

Navee provides after-sales services for customers as per relevant laws and regulations of sales area. This policy is applicable to Navee’s products.

Scope of Application

Navee provides warranty services for its products sold via its official or officially authorized channel. This policy however is inapplicable to products that customers purchase via unauthorized channels.

Warranty Services

For any product with quality problems not ascribed to artificial damage within a certain period of time since purchase, Navee will provide warranty services after the problem is confirmed by Navee’s relevant staff or authorized personnel through detection. Warranty period for the machine and parts & components is as below:

Warranty Parts
Time of warranty

Carriage, vertical pipe, nose rotary core, handlebar, front fork, rear fork, motor, controller, instrument and main harness

2 years

Quick-wear accessories such as folding handle, folding lock pin, braking handle, braking disc, accelerator thumb shifter, battery pack, charger, damper, etc.

1 year

Brake cable, bumper stripe, headlight, mud guard, bell, side reflector lamp, taillight, kickstand, foot pad and various ornament covers

3 months

Warranty policy is not applicable to consumptive parts, such as inner tyre, outer tyre, handlebar cover, rubber stopper and accompanied accessories

The warranty period is calculated since the second day following the date specified in invoice, while that for online order is calculated since the second day following sign-off date of product. If customer cannot provide valid purchase voucher, the warranty period will be calculated 3 months following the production date of product.

Return and Change Services

  1. Unconditionalreturn policy

Customer who purchases Navee’s products via its official or officially authorized channel can return or change products with no cause within a certain period of time according to platform rules. When deciding to return product, customer needs to show valid purchase voucher and return the corresponding invoice. Customer needs to bear the corresponding tax, once the invoice is lost. While returning product, customer needs to ensure the original quality and intact appearance of product as well as complete trademark and relevant packaging label of the product and its accessories; return the present together with the product, if any. We do not accept any product returned with artificial damage, lost packaging box, or parts and components or product that has been used.

Customer needs to bear the freight of return arising therefrom at discretion. Navee or its local dealer will refund the price having been paid by customer to the customer within 7 working days upon receiving the product returned. The arrival date may be postponed by such factors as bank and payment agency.

  1. Change ofdefectiveproduct

Customer who purchases Navee’s product via its official or online authorized channel can apply for changing the product with quality problems within a certain period of time according to platform rules. If it is the case, customer also needs to return the present, if any. We may refuse to accept any product returned with artificial damage, lost packaging box, or parts and components.

  1. Depreciation fees

Customer needs to bear freight and depreciation fees, if returning the product beyond the unconditional return time limit.

Depreciation fees = Total days of purchase × Invoice price × Depreciation fees (the price will be converted based on suggested local retailing price, if no invoice can be provided);

Depreciation rate: 0.22%.


Warranty service ceases to apply in any of the following circumstances:

  1. The part damaged is beyond the corresponding warranty period;
  2. Customer cannot provide warranty card or invoice or information in the warranty card is not in line with invoice information;
  3. Product is damaged by artificial cause;
  4. Product is damaged by force majeure;
  5. Product is damaged by customer’s use, maintenance and adjustment without following User’s Manual;
  6. Product is faulty or damaged by forced use beyond normal service conditions;
  7. Product is dismantled or repaired by anyone other than professionals authorized by Navee;
  8. The contents of warranty card and product information are damaged on purpose, including scratching, tearing or alteration, etc.;
  9. Other product fault and damage not ascribed to product design, manufacturing and quality, etc.;
  10. Customers use the product for commercial purpose.

Customer needs to pay the corresponding repairing fees in any of the circumstances above.

Policy of After-sales Services Beyond Warranty Scope

Navee provides paid repairing services for the product that dissatisfies warranty terms but satisfies repairing conditions. The repairing fees arising therefrom include freight, accessory fees, and labor cost. For details, please feel free to consult the local dealer.

If the same accessory has the same fault again within 3 months after repair, Navee will provide free repair services again.